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    Increasing airflow in the FX140

    I recently picked up a stock 2006 FX140 and would like to improve air flow from intake to exhaust. Research yields that there are several different options but what do you guys say is the best bang for the buck regarding stacks, filter, exhaust, etc? Do any of you have experience with certain setups? Ultimately, a snappier hole-shot and a few mph would be great.

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    Ribbon Delete (either by installing velocity stacks or just physically removing the ribbons in the stock housings) with an R&D or Riva filter will get you some increased acceleration in the upper rpm range. When I did that, the "butt o meter" could feel a noticeable difference. I have put a free flow exhaust on my FX HO not the 140 but found that there was no real difference other than noise after the ribbon delete. Snappier hole shot will require a better impeller and pump seal kit. (not cheap but will make a biggest difference. At the very least, if the wear ring is the least bit sketchy, then replace it first and see what stock feels like. Good luck. Nice ski for cruising.

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