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    93 sl650 Killswitch question

    Trying to replace the Killswitch in my 93 sl650. Will the Killswitch from a 94 sl650 work? If not..does someone have one I can buy from them? Thanks!

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    Its the same switch electrically. There may be different plugs on the end. The 92 and 93 have a different part number than the 94 switch. I am guessing the only difference is the plug on the other end of the switch assembly.

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    Make sure it actually works after! Mine went bad and i couldnt turn off the ski. I had to pull the seat off and pull the plug wires to stop the ski. Very scary.. pulling the Lanyard did nothing, i replaced the whole thing. Works good again.

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    I too had a no shutoff situation once on the trailer... not on the hose. Very tense few moments indeed while I raced the clock before meltdown. I too pulled spark plug wires and got a little shock for my efforts.

    Someone wiser than me (most people here... haha) said to try the choke next time to kill the engine.


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