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    2002 FX140 Reverse Plate Stuck / Hatch won't lock.

    Hey everyone,

    Just bought a 02' FX140 with 120 hours on it, with a double trailer for $2500. Ski is in really great shape, minus a little corrsion on the inside from being used in Salt. The only issue with the ski is the reverse plate doesnt seem to work/work quite right. When you pull the handle, nothing happens but you can go back to the plate and manually (gently) pull it and it'll come right on down. Then when you push the handle in to bring reverse back, it'll come right back up into forward position but won't release to come back down.

    Any ideas on how I can adjust this to work? The previous owner said they never used it.

    The 2nd issue is the front hatch will not stay locked. I havn't looked at it to much, but it seems like the latch inside doesnt stay closed. Is there a way to adjust this too or do I need to buy a whole new piece?


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    sounds like a broken cable. There is a little adjustment or a bad latch.

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    On the left side, there's a ball and bracket that attaches to the reverse bucket. Check to make sure it's connected. If it is, it's either disconnected at the front or the rigid cable is broken. The front latch probably just needs adjusted.

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