hey guys,
I have a 1995 Polaris Sl750 I bought last year with intentions to rebuild it but college got in the way and I need to part with it since its doing me no good last year I took the motor out as a complete unit and never had a chance to fix it, cylinder #2 had low compression. I also have a working oval style MFD. I don't have pics of the hull currently since its dark out but I DO have a title for it. I will post tmmw. everything is located in Columbus, Oh

$200 shipped

heres the Engine Serial#

id like to get $300 +the ride for the motor, it can be rebuilt or used for a core

sorry for posting here but I apparently don't meet the 25 post requirement to post in classifieds. feel free to move it over if you can. I will post hull pics and vin tmmw