Both skis have been sitting for what could be almost 2 years. They both have under 30 hours. Got them home and started on the GTX WAKE. Drained and refilled fuel tank, added injector cleaner, changed oil. took it to the lake and it started right up and ran great, had it on the water for maybe an hour. Since the skis had been sitting so long the bunks broke off the trailer so i left it on the beach at the like 80% out of the water. fixed the trailer and retrieved the ski about 26 hours later. Went to put it on the trailer and it would not make full power. had this same problem a few years ago with my waverunner, that time i pulled the coils found some water in the tubes to the plugs sprayed everything out and it ran great. I figured it must be the same. replaced plugs took it to the lake same problem. I dont know what else it could be and i was looking for some guidance.

On to the GTX SC, Oil change, fuel change, spark plugs, just like the wake. this one you could tell right away had a misfire. wont go over 4400 rpm, sounds like it is down a cylinder, or like there is something wrong with the fuel system. thought it could be a clogged up fuel filter, pulled it, the thing was mint, changed it anyways. It is on the stock ceramic washers for now.

Im not sure if this helps but when i did the oil change i got more than 3 quarts out of both of them, almost 3.5 so i added 3 to each and they are both right at the top of the range on the dipstick.

What do we think guys, and thank you for any thought.