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    01 ultra 150 shooting oil/junk "mud looking" out exhaust..

    I had a carb problem with ski..
    took carbs apart cleaned put back together.
    ski cranked right up with no water running thur an ran/idle like it should
    As soon as I turn water on the idle bogs down so have to keep on throttle to keep running.
    as I'm inspecting everything I notice mud/junk coming out exhaust.
    iv always had that junk come out exhaust after first start up after sitting up all winter
    now that junk continually comes out.
    seems to run fine with no water running thru
    but soon as water is turned on it bogs down..
    Piston jug towards rear is twice as hot as first two.

    Anyone ever had this problem or may know what's going on??
    could I still have carb problem??
    any help would be appreciated..

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    Do a compression test you could have a bad head gasket

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    If the rear jug is running hotter than the other two, then you have to remove the brass cooling fitting on that cylinder head. I bet its plugged.
    remove and look at your spark plugs, the one with the blown (if blown) head gasket will look different than the other two.
    As turbo says, do a compression check.
    But first,fix the cooling issue on the rear cylinder.

    You did't say where your from, if cold in winter, did you put antifreeze through the cooling system for the winter?
    if not, may have cracked a cylinder or exhaust manifold.

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    Do you have the Triple Pisser Mod? This re-routes the cylinder cooling lines out the front, where you can monitor cooling water flow. Easy mod to do and very worthwhile.

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    have you checked that your water source is clear?..if it's the spigot at your old shed put in with galvanized pipe by an idiot plumber you could be seeing crud from inside of the water pipe.

    check flow as directed by other members. triple "pisser" water outlet mod a must for a 150. Only way to be sure each cylinder is getting good flow and a handy way of detecting a lean or rich condition on a particular cylinder.

    could had a mud dauber nest in your hose too....

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    The fact that it runs horrible leads me to believe water is getting into a cylinder. Do a compression test to make sure your engine is healthy. Since we don't know if you have a tripple pisser im just gunna assume you done. To check the flow of each cylinder pull the rubber hose of the head and watch the flow.

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    guys thanks for the responses..

    I live in Texas so not cold winters.
    I do not have triple pissers but always blown my lines out on regular basis and always after sitting up all winter.
    I already pulled the jug cause I believed also gasket was blown.
    Didn't do compression test.
    Only problem I could really see was that the exhaust mani gaskets was horrible.
    Everything else looked decent.
    I attached pic of exhaust gasket.
    Let me know what you think please if this could be the problem or need to look elsewhere..

    Also im going to replace all gaskets upper/lowers heads on all 3 cyl. and all exhaust mani gaskets just because they never been replaced.
    Is there a kit I can buy or how do I go about getting these???


    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	exhaust mani.jpg 
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  10. #9 this I a better kit.

    Since you pulled off the jugs without a compression test your gunna wanna check everything for flatness with a straight edge.

    Was there any water in the cylinders? You should have really compression tested her before you took it apart.

    Good luck

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    I agree should of checked compression.. and would of but just moved and half my tools are at old house.
    Figured since im not paying anyone labor id just be out the price of gaskets and maybe Id get lucky.

    Didn't notice sign of water in cylinders at all...

    So go with the WSM brand over the Wiseco???
    Been out of the loop for a while and don't know much about any of this anymore...

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