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    2001 gp1200r rebuild. 66v and 66e can they be used

    Hi all. Living in England I am struggling to find reasonably priced parts to rebuild a gp1200r 2001 with 66v engine. I have sourced all the crank and bottom end bits to do a full recon of my engine and have started with the top end. I have looked over the whole engine and there are 2 66v jugs and 1 66e jug. All 3 need either nikisil coated or relined. I know there are differences in the pots but my preferred route to repair ould be to resleave and new pistons. Would there be any known issues with using these mixed jugs or would the recommendation be hold out to find a reasonably priced jug 66v. Any replies welcomed. This. Only a second ski so time isn't important just want to get t right.

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    well, as long as the 66e jug has a matching 66e piston, they will work together fine with no issues, the difference in 66e and 66v is exhaust ports. a 66e jug and piston come off a 800 motor, like GP800R or GP800 XLT800 XL800. The 66v is a 1200 motor. GP1200r xlt1200 xl1200. they are both 400cc cylinders just use different exhaust ports, so its important that a 66v piston is with a 66v jug and 66e piston is with a 66e jug.
    i hope that makes sense.

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    Most people or engine builders such as Group K or 2-stroke do not recommend mixing 66e with 66v cylinders due to the radically different port timing between the two. I would purchase a used or re-plated 66v cylinder to replace the 66e if it were my ski. Installing sleeves is the last option that most would agree if you plan on keeping the ski.


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