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    V-tech ecu tuning problem

    Has anyone else had problems with V-tech I had a ski I tuned last spring ecu went bad. Been trying for 6 months to get it re tune even sent map tuner back to have it updated and still no luck. I've been emailing them for 2 weeks with no reply I need to get this ski done the customer is pissed because I've had his ski all winter and he wants it back. I also need to tune another ski and asked them if better to go RRFPR or 110 injectors before I order the tune to get both things from here at the same time. Please help Jerry

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    Sales support USA : (954) 607-1570
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    Call them,txt etc.

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    email me direct [email protected]

    If you emails are blocked you can send pm here but its very hard to know who you are without user account / vin and so on.

    If a maptuner was updated then usually we need to reset the account due to the new maptuner reads info from the ecu different then the older ones.

    I thinks its best to go w the VT11 and fine tune the ski for them sine then the customer cant change the fuelpressure himself

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    ok just found your email in the spam basked.

    Now i unlocked your maptuner.

    Go to Ski, Make NEW request.
    Then email me BEFORE you connect to pc.

    I will then remove all the old stuff causing maptuner to lock

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    Sounds great I'll place the order tonight for injectors and the new tune for the RXPX . Do I need to log in to unlock my map tuner?

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    Yes, but first email Jonatan as there appears to have been an initial request issue.

    1.Make new "request tuning" connected to jetski.
    2. Email jonatan with your VIN and LOGIN email address and tell him you are ready to sync to the server
    3. Sync to server when instructed.
    4. Download/load maps as per normal.

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