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    kawi stx 12f pulling coupling, fly wheel, holding timing gear without special tools

    Had to replace flywheel and bendix. Pulled motor and started with the coupling tried chain wrench and holder tool on timing gear. I was putting too much pressure on the timing gear. Went to home depot and bought flat steel 3/4 wide by 3/16 thick. Cut two pieces an inch longer than the width of the coupling. Welded together on top of each other for more thickness and strength. Then welded a 1/2 inch socket to center on the flat. IF you use a tempered socket heat it first and let it cool then proceed to weld it. Put it flat against the coupling and hit it with an impact wrench and off it came. I then used the balance of the steel to make a timing gear holder for when I installed the coupling. I drilled two holes in the bar to match the holes in the timing gear drill the holes larger to be able to adjust the 1 inch bolts to fit. Use grade 8 bolts, the cheap ones will bend. Pulled off the front cover and saw that the bendix front teeth were worn not allowing them to engage the fly wheel. The fly wheel was pulled using a three way standard puller with 8 mm bolts. Tightened it down and an easy hit with a sledge and off it came. I did soak it with Kroil penetrating oil overnight. Kroil is expensive but is the BEST penetrator on the market BAR NONE. Total material cost 7.00. Back together and cranks over. Going in the hull today.

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    Post some pictures up so we can see.


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