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    Speed runs today!

    2001 gp1200r fresh rebuild with dplate, osidebill carb, riva f/a's, solas 13/19. I don't do the superman, just sitting back a little and neutral trim, rider 6ft 210. gps 63.1.

    2003 1300 with 70 hours, riva intake grate and ride plate shimmed, dplate. 65.1

    both had about 3/4 gas and smooth water. These are my first gpr's and I like the way they ride. The 1200 with the 13/19 prop has way broader power range than the 1300 which makes it more fun to ride. From a roll on at say 35 mph the 1200 walks away, its got to be the prop. I think if I switched ride plates it would beat the 1300 on top speed. I'm thinking about the solas 14/20 for the 1300 I really just want top speed on it. I picked up about 2 mph with the riva intake grate and plate on the 1300. I also did GPS runs before and after the dplate install and showed no difference in top speed. Hope this info helps.

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    a 14/20 on a 1300 will rob you of top speed. 14/20 is great for motors that had engine work done, like heads, porting etc. otherwise, you have a motor that doesnt have enought power to turn the prop. and the 2003 1300's had the lowest compression of all GPR's about 125psi stock, that would drop, after the powervalves are open about 10-15 psi. id stick with a 13/19 until you can get some head work done and bring the psi up a bit. 150 would be perfect.

    side note: you need a tiny tach (40 bucks on ebay) to find out your RPM to exact, at wide open throttle.

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