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    2013 FZS Hood Issues

    Hello, I just bought a 2013 FZS zero hours from the Coleman Powersport in Falls Church VA, ski runs great, however the hood latch sticks when trying to open and the corners of the hood at the top closes to the top are hitting and rubbing the paint off and I am concern it my crack the hood because there is no clearance between the base and the hood cover.

    Is there a fix or adjustment or is the hood defective?



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    This sounds normal to me. I got some small self adhering pads from the hardware store and stuck them on the body where the hood touches. This will also eliminate some vibration of the hood.

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    you can adjust the 10mm bolts that hold the latch on the hood, and also theres some clearance if you loosen the locking pin on the ski. Readjust those first and see how you make out.

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