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    Yamaha XL700 Stalling

    Hey everyone, so I just took my 2000 Yamaha XL700 out of winterization this weekend and got it on the (cold) water. It ran fine on the hose when we were flushing it to get out all of the fogging spray and just to make sure it started up. When we put it in the water and hit the throttle between idle and mid-throttle it was sounding like it was misfiring. If you tried to give it too much gas too quickly it would just stall out. In addition it bogged down heavily coming out of a moderately sharp turn and would often stall there too. When you finally got the throttle past half it was fine between half and top speed but the top speed seemed slow. We ran it next to our new Spark and the Spark speedometer read 40 consistently which concerns me because from what I have read the XL700 should hit at least 47.

    I don't really do any of the work on my ski besides winterizing it, then again I've never really had to do anything. That being said what do you think the problem/solution is? Im thinking it must be something to do with the carburetors or other means of fuel delivery. I have looked up how to rebuild the carbs but do you think that is necessary, or can I just clean them? Thanks!

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    Since it is a 700, it is most likely 10-14 years old. If the carbs have never been rebuilt, you got more than your time out of them. There are numerous threads on the how to section indicating how to do a rebuild. It involves just replacing the rubber/plastic parts and some minor cleaning. If you are uncomfortable doing your own work then I highly recommend you have a shop or someone who works on watercraft or motorcycles regularly do the work. This is not difficult but is somewhat tedious and requires some experience.

    For the sake of your engine, do not run it this way. Currently, they are not getting enough fuel so you are risking a lot. If they ran OK last season and are now doing this, the fuel pumps probably just succumbed to the alcohol in the fuel. The last set I did on an 04 had this exact problem. If you do the work yourself or have someone do it, insist that they use Mikuni parts not aftermarket. You don't want to pay to do it again in a year or two. Good luck and search the HOW TO section for lots of great instruction for the process.

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