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    99 gsx rfi gauge shows hi temp at startup...

    99 gsx rfi shows hi temp when you start it but goes away and doesn't come back on no buzzer or light and ski runs fine... did it two different times after second time decided to pick ski up just in case.... thanks in advance... anyone ever experience this or is it kindve like the 12v low at startup i just havent seen this before today... should i be worried?
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    If it goes away dont worry,

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    thanks thats what i was hoping

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    This happens when your ground cables aren't totally spotless clean or your battery is getting weak, speaking from experience with RFIs it's a sign of a PITA to come... clean your ground cables and if that doesn't fix it then replace your battery to be safe and avoid a bad day on the lake. If it continues then it's a sign that your starter is drawing too much current on start and it's about to go bad.

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