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    Cover metal over lights?

    Hi All -

    Bought a double trailer used, pretty good shape and want to clean it up into something amazing. Most parts are pretty easy, buy and replace but I do have a few questions.

    1) Rear tail lights have metal over them for protection, that is nice... but it is very close to where the jet skis go onto the boards (See ) Is there anything I can use to cover that so that the ski bottom doesn't run into it and scrape up (or worse) I know, these should be pretty far under the water when loading and unloading but we put in at lake Michigan and it can be VERY wavy at the launch, so much so it can knock some one over. My ideas are for some sort of spray on rubber or all else fails modifying a pool tube and gluing it down.

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    2) Boards need to be replaced. Are these boards just 2x4s covered with carpet? If so, is there anything better I can do than that?

    3) Rust. Anything special? There is a small bit of rust. It is painted white and I was just going to sand it down and repaint.

    4) Attaching a bin near the tongue. There seems to be a bit of room up there, enough to maybe hold a 30 gallon storage bin? Thinking of drilling holes in the bottom of a plastic one and storing life vests in it. Anyone have any experience with that? I wouldn't want to do the wrong thing and have them fling off while driving down the highway.

    I know, sounds like over kill on some of these but I am very excited and happy for my first jet ski and trailer owned out right.

    The Yellow Dart
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    There are tough plastic/rubber guards available.

    These are intended to sit on the trailer frame cross member and deflect keel impacts against the trailer frame, but I suspect they could also be used to keep the metal light shields from damaging the hull, should contact occur.

    Overtons sells these as Black Rubber Keel Pad

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    Trim as as needed to fit.

    If you can position the rear guard lip to hang over the rear edge of the metal light shield then the protection would be good even with a horizontal impact right into the rear edge of the metal.
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    You could find a plastics supplier and get a piece of UHMW plastic to put on top of it. Its a very slippery and abrasion resistant plastic.

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    The bunks are redwood 2 by 4s coverd in outdoor carpet. You can buy them pre made or make them your self.

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    I use 2" schedule 80 PVC for my bunks. Cheaper than pressure treated 2 x's and will never rot ever...the water just runs right through them. I slash cut the loading end and they work perfect! I don't know why more people don't use it... It is slippery when it gets wet. so be ready to hook up if riding on....But very easy to slide off at the ramp when dunking your ski....

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