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    DIY oil change on a 2103 FZR

    Just hit my initial 10 hour mark, and want to do the first oil change. Most places in my area are backed up with servicing other boats...anyone doing the oil change themselves have any recommendations? Thanks!

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    Here is another 2013 FZR owner that would love any tips regarding this process. I only have 3 hours on mine, but want to change before I start riding this year on mine and my wifes 2013 VX Deluxe (4.5 hours on hers.... I know). Already have the Yamalube 10-40 4W watercraft oil, OEM filters and I bought a Mityvac 1.9 gallon fluid evacuator. I have read in various places that you should go the the oil filter cap to suck the oil out - others say to drop the suction tube down the dipstick tube. I've also heard that you need to be careful not to damage anything stuffing the suction tube down into the engine.... I also want to make sure to exchange as much oil as possible. I am a little OCD when it comes to maintenance. If anyone has a write up (or knows where a good one is) I am all ears!

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    Well, not much traffic here but figured I would post my results. I ended up sticking the suction tube of my vac down the dipdtick tube until I felt resistance. Sucked out just over three quarts of oil. Wadded up some shop towels under the filter and used a correctly sized filter wrench/cap and it came off without any issues. I filled the new filter with oil a few times and let it soak it up (three fills) so it would not spill when screwing it on. Other than getting my arm stuck between the engine and hull, no problems. (I had the plastic manifold cover off before trying to wedge my arm down in there). Shop towels caught all of the oil that dripped out. I poured all of the old oil into a glean plasic gallon jug and marked the line. Poure it out to recycle, cleaned it out and filled with new oil to the same fill lineand a splash more for the filter change. Put it all back together and threw it in the lake and had a blast. Heading out right now to dirty up the oil so I can change it again soon!

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