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    Improving stability on a 1998 GP1200

    First post, and just want to say this site is an awesome resource!

    I've had a 1998 GP1200 for over a year now, and love the ski, but would like to know if there's anything I can do to improve stability when fully or over loaded. I use my ski more as a vessel to get from point A to B and 95% for ocean use. I picked the GP1200 because its the lightest ski I could find and I need to be able to beach launch and land it by myself a lot of the time. The problem is 2 people and gear makes the ski very unstable, especially at low speeds. I realize this is because the ski is overloaded, but am trying to think of some ideas that could increase the load capacity before I have to part with the ski. Unfortunately almost every other ski I've looked at (besides the new SeaDoo Spark) is just way too heavy to be able to push across the sand by myself, so I would definitely like to keep the ski if possible.

    I found this product which might be just what I'm looking for but would like to know if anyone's heard anything about it:

    I realize I would sacrifice some handling here, but stability is much more important to me.

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    like sailing ships of could put some ballast in the bottom.
    the product you found looks very do-able too. In essence you are creating a zodiac style boat using the infaltable collar and your rigid hull.

    The other thing to do is get a SUV like mine.

    ....but then you are sacarificing manuverability for load carrying....

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