I am new to the forum and to the Polaris SL780. I got it for cheap and it will not turn over with the pressing of the start button. I even jumped the start button to check that way, nothing happened. I checked for 12 volt power on either lead and there was not. I opened the water proof bex and saw that the wires were all butt connected together, so I went through it one wire at a time and changed them all to waterproof connectors. I cleaned every thing up and made sure the wires were all making connection. I checked to see if I had power to starter solenoid on one side and did. I jumped the solenoid with my screw driver and engine turned over fine. Pulled out solenoid and bench tested it and it worked great. I put solenoid back in and tried to get it to turn over and nothing. No click from solenoid or anything. I need help. Not sure if the guy I bought it from even wired new box right when he put it in. Should I pull all wires off clips in box and reinstall them ? Please help me if anyone can.... Thanks