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Thread: weird problem?

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    weird problem?

    I have a 07 fx cruiser 68 hours on it. I took it on the lake yesterday it started first try ran fine for 5 mins then just shut off, it started right back up but shut off a few mins of riding but keeps starting up fine. Any ideas?

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    check battery connections ,make sure tight
    run on hose and see what happens
    also check oil level
    push mode button and hold ,number? ( motor running)

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    Be sure to have a quick way to shut the hose water off! Just in case it stalls while testing on the hose.

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    07 with just 70 hours?? Yikes

    Ive seen the turn over sensor shut a ski down with no alarms. But not many other issues will kill a ski dead in its tracks only to start right back up. Do a diagnostic on the ski and see if it shows a code.

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