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    RXP 215 surging/bogging/water in oil

    Hey everyone, I'm new here. I just had some questions about some things. I just purchased a 2004 RXP 215 with 133 hours on it. I bought it from a guy I know, and I know he wouldn't screw me over on something. He rebuilt the supercharger over the winter with the new washers and all that good stuff, as well as winterized it and changed the oil. I have ran two tanks of gas through it now and it's still giving me fits. I talked to a guy I know who works on Seadoos to find a place to start. Alright, so what it's doing is surging anytime you hold the throttle at a constant position. At WOT it's not getting up like it should, it'll only run 61 with me on it according to the gauge, and it doesn't go over 6850 RPM. I know it should do more than that, and it sputters when I punch it from idle. Plus it has moisture in the oil. The oil fill tube has foam all inside it. I don't think it has much in the oil itself, but any moisture scares me in oil. I'm a car mechanic and I know it's not a good thing. The guy I bought it from swears he followed the procedure for rebuilding the SC, and I believe him. My friend said that he thinks the intercooler might be busted, causing the RPM loss and the moisture in the oil. He also said it could be the supercharger not building boost or slipping more than it should. What are you guys' thoughts about all this, and how can I go about pressure testing the intercooler. He said 5psi for 10 minutes would be sufficient to tell if it's busted, but I don't have anything to pressure test those 3/4" nipples with and was wondering how I could do that. Any help is good help for me. It's my first jet ski and I don't wanna mess anything up. I already bought a truck last year that the seller lied to me about all kinds of stuff and I'm still fixing it. I don't want a repeat. Thanks again guys.

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    im leaning towards possibly a bad intercooler..

    need a compression test to make sure its not a head gasket rare that a stock ski blows one..
    need to pressure test the coolant system as well..

    what is in the oil.. moisture (meaning water) or Antifreeze..

    either way not a good thing..

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    what year is the RXP? Depending How much Moisture we are taking about? antifreeze or water, Bubbles in oil is Normal, if foaming??? take some pics. Some oils Foam more then others, after PSI the intercooler and Compression test go from there, If good, change oil and filter and ride it should blow off any moisture left and should look good,

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    Not sure of your experience with jet ski's but if you run it at home on the hose and leave the water turned on without the engine running it will put water in the oil, also try a new set of spark plugs, sounds like one is bad to me.

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    You say "still giving me fits" was it acting up for the 2 tanks of gas or only after you used 2 tanks?
    I would check your supercharger, just pull of the intake and see if you an freely spin it, if so, the nut may have backed off on the super charger shaft. (or heaven forbid lost the washers)
    As for the water in the oil, was the ski towed in at all? that can flood the motor?
    Is your coolant bottle dropping? or does it look to have oil in it?
    Could be a cracked intercooler, was it winterized? are you where it could have froze, also its 9 years old, is it salt water run?

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    Where are you located?

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    IF its a head gasket you should see a loss in anti freeze in your overflow jug AND there would be black shit floating around the inside of it also..sounds to me like an ICer let go..I would pull it,pressure check it to be sure..its not hard..undo the 2 hoses connected to it,the clamp holding it on,and pull it will be tough at first BUT will come out......once out pressure check it....

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    Alright guys. Just now getting on here. Been busy all day.
    I'm located in Kentucky.
    It was towed but the previous owner has a valve installed in the intercooler line to shut off when he tows it to keep water from being forced into it.
    It's not losing any coolant, and I'm going to pressure test the IC tomorrow.
    It was acting like this a little the first tank, and it got a little worse the second tank, even dying on me once and taking a second to get restarted. Click image for larger version. 

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    There's a picture of the oil fill tube. Thanks for all the replies by the way

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    I'm going with the intercooler and I hope damage hasn't already been done. Two tanks with a water mist going into your motor is not good. I'm friends with Justin and he was telling me about your ski. Get it to Bowling Green and we will look it over. The oil needs to be pulled out ASAP!

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