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    98 Kaw STX 750 Can anyone answer this

    98 kaw stx 750. Should the trim operate with the ski out of the water? Batt hooked up engine running or not trim doesn't move by switch. Fuses good.

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    My guess is that trim module has corrosion in it! Your trim should work anytime you push that button. I'm in process of changing out my Trim module on my Ultra 150. Kawa have history of trim modules going out due to a single o-ring that is used to seal the two halves of your trim module box. The O-ring in my opinion is the weak link not being able to seal off from water entering in to the trim module. Now this just base on my opinion!!!! if somebody knows more please jump in I'm always willing to learn.

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    The trim should work with the engine running. If you push the Start button, it will work for about 10 seconds, then the electrical system shuts down if the engine is not running.

    The O-ring on the trim box is a pain, but I think the biggest source of water is from the trim cable itself. Make sure you have a rubber bellows-type seal on the back of the 'Ski to keep water out. It should be secured with tie-wraps. I fill mine with grease before I put the cable end on.

    I coat the trim box seal with waterproof grease and work it into the groove carefully. Use a putty knife to move around the edge of the box and push the O-ring down as you tighten the screws.

    My guess is that there is corrosion inside the motor and gear box.

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