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    R & D and the SVHO

    received an air filter kit and am guessing it is the right instructions put into the wrong bag of parts . so from
    the duct measures 366mm x 250mm as in the photo . so the max dimensions as using the outside of the bend .
    the hose measures 180mm x 160mm
    the pedestals are 60mm high
    the bracket hole centres are 272mm and 332mm from the back of the duct .
    Click image for larger version. 

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    can we find out what this kit of parts is for ?
    There is no point in cutting the duct as that will only raise the end but will not allow the radius of the elbow which needs the duct to be tight against the fuel tank . It is to be noted that with the pedestals supplied 1- they do not match the ones in the picture of the instructions , where the spanner flats have additional material above them but the ones supplied do not . 2- the air filter is resting tight upon the top of the fuel tank and if the bolts were to be done up then the filter would be pressed into the fuel tank not with an air gap under it .
    when the elbow is attached to the end of the duct it does 2 things 1- the radius of the elbow moves the duct forward and up against the fuel tank , which means the bracket no longer aligns with the pedestals . 2- the radius of the elbow raises the duct up and clear of the pedestals and of the fuel tank .
    my initial observation would be that the wrong pedestals have been supplied but as the bracket alignment with the current pedestals is out in a fore and aft way I would have to say the entire kit is the wrong one

    it isnt feasible for me to return the kit if i can identify what this fits so i can sell it on here in the UK . to return it and then have to repay the import charges is just money down the drain .

    also to be noted is that the Tial BOV kit fouls the OEM airbox and so needs to be fitted with an air filter kit . So i have 2 bits of bling that i cannot fit

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    Just send your air filter back and pickup some piping and make your own. Guarantee the TIAL will fit with a setup like this. Click image for larger version. 

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    ok for international customers that might experience the same . How to make it fit
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    cutting the silicone hose is a pain but if you have a tube or round cylinder / tin you can insert inside the hose that is a tight fit it will aid cutting . the frayed ends of the reinforcing strands just singe back with a lighter . The end HAS to be square as the rim to the supercharger isnt wide enough to accomodate a slanting cut .
    The pedestals are actually ok and the filter is raised up off the tank .

    forget the attached thumnail . i dont know how to remove it but was using the camera to check the juilee clip position on the BOV hose once in place
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