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    Question 2001 Virage/Gen III CDI part numbers?

    Hi again!
    I know I have been told by a few people that somewhere on here is where the CDI number conversions/replacements are on here but I can't find them. I have a 2001 Virage red 2 cylinder carbed. It currently has the CDI with part number 4010404. Which is discontinued, I have also been told that the 4010558 is compatible, but that is discontinued as well. Could someone please point me to the forum or a link that has these? Once again I apologize for not being able to find these! I have also looked through K447's signature links and couldn't find them. Also I would like to know the current numbers for the GEN III ignition systems for the stator as well!
    THANK YOU again!!!!
    Am sorry for the post if it exist somewhere!!
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    Polaris does not sell any CDI's anymore.

    You could look up parts to see what is still available here:

    This company sells ignition parts;

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    Thanks, I ordered a 4010803 and will be able to install it this weekend. We will see what comes of it!
    Thanks Again!

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    Any update if the 4010803 worked?

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