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    WSM and SBT Pump driveshafts and bearing kits

    Would anyone like to comment on the usage of the WSM or SBT driveshaft or bearing kits? Are the good replacements? Any problems? I have a 2000 SUV 1200 and I am just looking for reliability.


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    have you try for oem pricing? I guees either one been aftermarket replacement will work . how long will they last? unknown .
    in my opinion, nothing out there better than OEM.

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    Judging from the quality of their other stuff I wouldn't take the chance. I looked at it this way, my ski is now 14 years old and the OEM stuff did job for 14 years, the money I would have saved with wsm/sbt to have to deal with stripped shafts 4-5 years from now wouldn't be worth it. Do it right the first time, I went with all brand new OEM even down to the grease nipple on the mid shaft bearing carrier.

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    I rebuilt my pump and intermediate housing this past winter. I used SBT for the Pump... Kinda wishing I didn't. I was not really impressed with the quality "bearing made in china" but i put them in any way. However for the intermediate housing I used OEM seals and for the bearing i went down to a local bearing shop and they matched it up with a TIMKIN bearing, I wish I had done this for the pump (The guy at he counter got his magnifying glass and said "oh it is a 205" we sell a lot of these. I'll probably rebuild the pump again next winter just to be on the safe side.

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    If you have a local bearing shop, you can usually buy top quality bearings for less than the SBT kits cost. I bought Koyo bearings for my Polaris pumps and only paid around 10 bucks a piece.

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    I've used WSM driveshafts with no problems. For bearings and seals I usually turn to these folks... Great bearings for the price. I try to stay away from anything that isn't ABEC rated.

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