“Aqua Moto Grand Prix is a throwback race series dedicated to the heart and soul of personal watercraft racing origins.” states the official Aqua Moto Grand Prix website. The brainchild of world champion Chris “Flyin’ Fish” Fischetti, the first ever Aqua Moto Grand Prix turned out to be a great event despite other racing events taking place the same weekend. Paired up with the Lucas Oil Drag Boats at Rotary Park in Lake Havasu City, AZ, the Aqua Moto Grand Prix fetched a solid turnout for the inaugural event.

Lineups consisted of Kawasaki 440/550s and the like – the premiere skis back in the day – for the two-day event, featuring multiple motos each day with “sudden death” racing woven into the competitions – not a common practice found in today’s races, but something that Chris wanted to highlight for those who have never been a part of that style of racing.
According to Patrick Goldsworthy, the “sudden death” matches had two similarly-based boats face off side-by-side for two laps with the winner moving on to the next heat. Ultimately, the best two in each class battled it out for the win and bragging rights.

The amazing Lucas Oil drag boats were reaching speeds of 150-plus-mph on the quarter mile track with times of under six seconds.

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