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    2008 Gp 1300 wont start

    Im new to the forum and only slightly mechanically inclined so be gentle. here is my issue

    My waverunner was in decent working order until hurricane sandy swept through i think some water may have gotten into the engine compartment, regardless last year i flushed all the gas out of the ski and changed all the batteries and plugs. there was was bad fuel that was in the cylinders so i began the process of inserting a hose attached to a shop vac to try and get out all of the silt in there. after a few weeks of doing this i managed to get the jet ski started and running which was in september. i then tried to winterize the machine in december but the engine would not start. i let it sit for the last 5 months and tried starting it again to no avail. whats weird is last time this happened when i removed the plugs and hit the start button the cylinders would move i could see the spray coming out of it but now the cylinders dont move. if i continue to push the button the battery terminals start to smoke. what should my next troubleshooting steps be. i would like to go through some steps to try and fix it before taking it to a mechanic which im sure will be expensive. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Chances are you are locked up probably rusted. I would take the pump off and see if that is part of the problem that want let it turn. The smoking terminals show that the battery is puttting out amps and something is drawing them most likley the starter is smoking also. Pull the heads and take photos of what you see and I am sure someone will chime in on where to go next. Chances are you have an expensive fix.

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