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    in desperate need of help

    I bought a 2000 Yamaha SUV (I know big and slow) for my family weekend before last. I was going to fill the pump shoe and replace intake grage in order to maybe help with cavitation I was having. Well long story short, a bolt holding the shoe on broke the head off even after using heat. I had about 1/4" sticking out of the hull so I called the local shop. They said to cut a slot in it and use a flathead screwdriver to back it out. First I tried vice grips then I tried the slot and all the slot did was break the ears made by the slot off. Now I have a bolt that is flush with the hull that I can't get out. I tried pb blaster prior to this as well but no go. I know for sure a ez out will only get me in more trouble because this thing is in here good. Any reccomendations on getting this dang thing out? what do I do if I can't get it out? This may be a dumb question but would it hurt to run with three out of four bolts in the shoe? Thanks in advance for the help.

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    no big deal take hammer and a punch from the bottom and hit the broken bolt thru the hull, will pop out the insert inside the hull. And just put a new bolt with a flat fender washer and a nut on top, make sure you put sealant around the bolt and washer so water does not get in.

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    So just beat it through the hull. Here's a pic of the inside the hull. So just seal around the bolt head, under the shoe and under the flat washer and it shouldn't leak. I reckon I can do that. A little nervous about knocking a hole in the hull but if it works that's all that matters. Thanks for the quick reply.

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    The SUV was a limited production ski and was made of fiberglass VS SMC so it looks different in that area. It appears that they glassed over the inserts unlike the others that were glued to the SMC so you may have to drill or use hole saw from top side to remove it. You can also use the one piece insert from later model skis if you don't want to through bolt it. PM me if you need more info.


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    I am guessing this is the location of the insert. There was a sealant mounded up over this area before I removed it. Any idea how big the insert is? I only want to use a drill bit big enough to get it out. Too big of a bit and I can get into the sidewall of the support.

    This is the bolt prior to it breaking off flush with the hull.

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    Well I just got off the phone with Yamaha trying to determine what size the insert is and see if they had any suggestions but it was pretty much a wasted call since they couldnt tell me anything. I was wondering if I could drill it and tap new threadsprior to doing fiberglass work.

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    Well I was able to drill and tap it to clean up the threads. All is well now and thanks for the help.

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    hey av8erdunn,

    do I understand you correctly...that you just drilled down the center of the busted bolt (no easyout used) and then tapped the threads out to clean the remaining bolt chunks out? Just curious in case I ever have to do the same. Enjoy your SUV. We love ours

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    BINGO!!!!! I was able to go slightly smaller than the bolt thread and cleaned it up with the tap. All is well!!! Now I just need my new impeller an wear ring to come in and I will be happy.

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