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    GP1300R to a GP1200R Conversion

    Hey guys, looking for some help and input for this project. I have a GP1300R that I will be changing over to a PV Carb 1200. The reason is because the person I got the 1300 from is keeping the fuel injection stuff and giving me carbs and electrical box from a 1200PV. The 1300 cylinders, crank and block are trash and I can get the 1200 engine parts from a friend. I need confirmation on what other parts I will need to change to convert this hull to a 1200 PV motor. I have been told that the stator is different due to the crank sensors. is this correct? I have been told that the gauge/meter in the dash is also different. Is this correct? What about the fuel tank? Are the reeds different too? Any and all input from you guys is appreciated.

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    What year 1300? The F.I. skis have the fuel pump in the gas tank so you will have to swap tanks or make a adapter plate for the carb. fuel pick-up. You will also need to swap the PV servo because they are also different connectors.


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    There is a bit of work into that. You need to swap the gas tank, electrical box, flywheel, and stator. You might be able to use the cluster but I am not sure. I have gp1200r parts all over my house. I will be willing to trade for some of your 1300 parts if you are interested. That way, you can build without spending much money.

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