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    1994 Polaris SLT750 Piston replacement

    I recently purchased a Polaris SLT750 for 500 (with a trailer) that didn't run. I brought it home sprayed some starting fluid and it fired right up then died right after. I pulled off the carbs to find that they were toast, the screws were rusted in place there was so much ethanol clogged up in there not sure if it was worth cleaning anyway. I found another carb but it was a bit different. The guy had removed the choke flaps and sealed them. I messed around with some of the fuel lines (knew nothing of the restrictor) and found a hard piece in the line (the restrictor) cut it out. put it all back together (it has the triple outlet fuel pump, the fuel selector was disconnected, and the fuel bowl removed- I assume it had a filter in the bowl at some point). I took it out the thing ran awesome (especially considering it was last run in 2004) towed some tubers then shut it down hung out for a while and fired it back up and it acted like it was getting too much fuel. Got home messed with it for a bit then checked compression and the mag head is dead. the top looks like someone was beating it with a hammer or soething and one side against the wall is missing. The other 2 are reading the same pressure just under 120 which I am assuming is low. question time:
    Do I need anything special or do I need to do anything special to replace the pistons? Is there some kind of special procedure or just pull them and replace them.? Would the missing restrictor cause this? I also noticed a carb on ebay that looked like it had oil lines going to it... mine doesn't..

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Too bad the engine got damaged before you found us here on Greenhulk!

    If the piston damage is caused by pieces from a crankcase bearing failure then the entire engine will need to be rebuilt.

    Did you empty and clean out the fuel tank?
    Running without the fuel filter means even the smallest dirt or sludge particles can get to and clog up the internal filter screens on the carburetors.

    120 PSI compression is about normal.
    The fuel return restrictor is important to maintaining proper fuel pressure.

    Towing a tube is considered to be heavy duty load for a PWC, especially one that is not properly configured and vetted.

    These machines need the fuel system to really be 100% good everywhere from inside the fuel tank onwards.

    The fuel selector valve is an actual safety feature, not something I consider optional.

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