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Thread: '97 xp value?

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    '97 xp value?

    I looked at a couple skis yesterday and 1 of them(package deal) I have no interest in but If I could get say 350 for it, I'd take the package...if its still available...may even be gone as I type this..the owner was told its an '01 because of serial number...I'm thinking its a 97 but not sure. so for arguement sake, its between there....engine is siezed and there is no needs recover and whole thing is pretty dirty and has sat for a couple/few years.. hull in nice shape but color is faded and all trim seams to be good shape...just looking for input, dont have time or storage to part out and would just want a quick turnover...forget it or go for it? oh yea, its injected

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    dont matter now,,,they are gone..

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