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    Found a clamp hanging, on the air intake hoses, will this make you loss rpm

    Hi last night I'm out looking wear I have to take off the intercooler for cleaning and found that the clamp on the air intake. Or cooling system was hanging there. It's the one that runs from the engine along the side top it got two metal L loops holding it off the engine and it goes in to the air intake. I'm thinking. Looks like a air intake on a car. Bigger hoses with a ben going towards the front of the engine. By this not been on, would this make me loss rpm. Thanks again guys. If you need picture I can get them tonight if need be

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    A pic would help, but from your description I would say, NO, thats not the reason your rpm's are down. However, after finding one clamp loose, I would look for others, that may be the cause of your low rpm's.

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    sounds like the crankcase vent

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    Yeah def CC vent recirc hose into air intake. It could make you drop rpm if the hose was disconnected could suck up some water splashing around the bilge very easily.

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    Yup you guys got the right area. So the only way to really no is put her in the water. I like that idea. Lol. I still will sent a pic in about 2hours. Thanks

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