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    94 WaveRunner III Motor Mount Shim placement

    Does anyone know if there's a standard arrangement for motor mount shims on a 94 GPIII?(701) Or if not, how to determine what goes where?
    I pulled the motor 3 years ago & repainted the ski & never wrote the shim arrangement down. I recently pulled the motor again to do some engine work but didn't think about the shims until I heard them hit the bottom of the hull as I lifted the engine.
    There are 6 shims total, 2 thick & 4 thin with 2 of the 4 being (possibly) slightly thicker. I haven't measured them yet to be sure though.

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    Put the thicks on the rear and thinner on front then adjust from there. What you're trying to do is align the fingered drive couplings. You want them on the same plane and at the same angle facing each other. Piece of cake.

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