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    How many Hours Can You Expect Out of the Spark Engine?

    Anyone have a rough idea how many hrs the motor will be good for in a Spark under normal use?


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    define normal use.. there isnt really a set number of hours. ride it like you stole it and do the maintenance/care and there is no reason it wouldnt last you hell i dont know 300 hours if not more..

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    I would figure around 1000 hours with proper maintenance and not bouncing off the rev limiter all the time... biggest factor to extending the life of an engine is always maintenance, proper maintenance... can't stress that enough! Other things like riding style and of course engineering play a key role in the life of your engine. I have heard of a lot of 4-stroke outboards with upwards of 2-3k hours on them so time will tell with this engine. Hope this helps.

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    The 4 tec SEADOO motor was benched tested for min 3000 hrs inc routine maintance ..

    So u would asume similar hours ???

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    3000 hrs

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    1.21 giga hours

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    Met with some guys in key west that used the Sparks for rentals, They had a set of sparks that Sea-Doo used as the prototypes. When I was there in January they had over 800 hours on them with no major problems!

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    Dam? If that's True I will be in my 80,s and IT will at least still be going strong? 65 Now!

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    Too little use ,you'll get to few years. Use them or loose them. Outboards in Florida being used hundreds and hundreds of hours 12 months a year do better than New England outboards with 25- 50 hours a year in limited seasons.Same holds for inboards and I'm sure Jet Skis . Yanmar diesels constantly used for water taxis in Baltimore Harbor go something like 20,000 hrs between rebuilds. The exact same motor in a sailboat rarely being used and at low RPMs might need a rebuild in far less than 1000 hrs.

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