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    How do i fix marks from beaching a jet ski??

    I live in florida so most of the jet skis for sale has serious beach scratches on the bottom of the skis, is there anything that can fix them or cover them up without creating more drag? Please help??

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    I personally wouldn't buy it. Guys that are real particular about their skis don't beach them. Who knows what else they didn't take care off. You could get it re gel coated but you have to find someone that knows they are doing and it will most likely never be as good as the stock coating. That being said I had a little repair done on the deck and you can't tell it ever had work done. The guy did a great job, you have to get the exact factory gel coat color.

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    Thats like saying dont buy a used car with door dings on it. Some ppl yes drive em up on beaches, doesnt mean they neglect the ski. I have marks on the bottom of mine and I maintain my ski. Mine are from the trailer, dollys etc. Sometimes I put it on sand but dont drive it up beaches. If they are deep walk away, if its surface then its fine. Just check it over like anything else.

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    i use a really heavy grit compound on my skis with a buffing wheel.. it gets most of the surface scratches out.. however, as said above, if theyre deep.. i would pass over the ski.. if you do get the ski and get the scratches out.. i believe there is a keel protector available for the skis to help with further scratches..

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    I have redone many skis and its a pain and alot of work especialy if its a composit hull, oh and sanding and did i forget sanding oh and more sanding lol, if not deep then no biggy still work though to step sand it all out.

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    a few of us that hang out on the river use this..

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