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    replacement yamaha remote programming question...

    i have lost my remote for my 13 yamaha vxs and just bought a replacement...i understand that i have to have a dealer program it for my ski...i need to know exactly how they do this and what part of the ski they will need access to so i can get it ready for them to do...there is a plug in of some sorts behind the bulkhead wall in the front hatch area of the this what they need to get to??? if so i have the riva cold air intake and would like to move things out of their way so it can be a painless hassle free job for them not to mention i just dont like the way these guys work....i was at this dealer a couple years ago and saw a brand new ski being worked on and sitting in the foot wells were greasy tools and parts with no shop rags or anything...its obvious they dont give a shit about somebodys new ski...just trying to avoid any scratches,gouges,grease etc......if anybody has had theirs done let me know what it entails if you dont mind....thanks

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    they need to have access to the receiver comp only, they have no other part to touch or remove to program the new remote. its normally located on the front of the ski .

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    got all i gotta do is open it up for them....and babysit of course...haaaa

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    It's one plug at the harness at the front of the ski behind the removable plastic wall. It's in with the cluster wiring. It's nothing to work about they can not do much besides loose the clip and the push pins that hold the wall up.

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