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    'Come to they Keys' they said, 'Open a jet ski rental, itll be fun' they said...


    Fished up an engine rebuild on one of my skis and was dropping it in the water. When it was having issues. I put the ski back on the trailer and while pulling it out from the ramp, I heard a THUMP!!!SKKKKKKKKKKKKKK.......when i looked down I saw this...

    I actually laughed when it happened. After my partner and I got over the initial shock of the whole thing, I got down on my knees and practically kissed the wheel and thanked it for breaking where it did. I drove that trailer over 50 miles today and planned on at least another 30-40 more. It could have happened on US1, or on a bridge and been a terrible accident.

    On to MUCh cooler news. My partner and I have were asked to be actors/extras in two shows to be broadcasted on TV for a French "travel channel" type TV show that will be showcasing Melody Key. For those that dont know it was recently on Island Hunters and HGTV as well as some other Travel Channel shows.

    It was awesome!!! They also advertised our skis for the island too.

    We are also buying a few new skis this week and also getting back on TV again! This time for the a show going on Discovery Channel. They are doing a full day(maybe 2) production out at Melody Key(private island). I was actually the main star of the show, doing full interviews and lots of acting and what not. I was not the "jet ski asshole" like initially planned on being. So who knows whats in store for us this year.
    We are year past year 3 now, consistently doubling our numbers annually... and a ton of cool things hopefully in store for the future.

    Heres a stupid video of me playing around the other day at the shoot.

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    Very cool...and that camera woman looks good too!

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    Great little vid! Hope your numbers double every year!

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    Tony, when are you going to get a real job and quit rubbing that chit in our faces ??? Neat trick w/ the cruise control on the VX. Hope business triples for you guys every year. BTW, be coming down to see you next year, Feb. or March. Good luck !!!

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    Cool story, keep it coming. How many skis you guys rent out in say a week or so? How do you combat corrosion?

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    We have numbers that display down to how much we rent in a week, but that all is dependent on the weather. This last week we rented nothing. It doesnt take a lot of rentals to make a good day tho, a few weekly rentals can turn the whole months numbers around.

    I combat corrosion with a lot of regular cleaning, replacing old bolts often, wd40, grease, and a lot of anti-seize.

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    we hit down there often, I think I've seen your place. Thinking of draggin my rxp down next month but who knows. Worries about parking the trailer/ski when not in use on KW..

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