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    KEIHIN Carb Rebuild 1995/ No gas in Venturi

    I have rebuilt many carbs both 2 and 4 stroke. This one has be baffled. I rebuilt the carbs on my 1995 STS 750 carefully noting and picturing disassembly. I was following the direction of the shop manual I downloaded. Everything went smooth until I put the new needle in the first carb. After carefully selecting the correct spring from the new kit and putting it back in the jet body it almost no movement when I pressed on the jet lever. I took the other carb apart to make sure that wasn't normal and it wasn't. I compared the new needle versus old and they were the same. The shop manual said what the tolerance should be 1-2mm but said not to bend the needle arm but didn't offer any other option to fix if it was out of specs so I bent it and put it in to get the clearance suggested. I had to do that on the second carb too. Again, I compared the needles and springs I removed. The only difference was the new needle and spring. There is only one way the needle/pin assembly can be put in.

    I mounted the carbs and primed it and it started up fine and cut off. No gas visible coming from the venturi in either carb to the motor. As long as the primers provide fuel it runs. The carbs ARE getting gas. There was gas on both sides of the jet plate when I took them back off and looked. The only other thing I noted was the kit didn't come with one of the o-rings for the fuel pump on carb 1 so I used the old one. I didn't see any checkballs in the kit or none in the diagram in the shop manual nor did any fall out when I took it apart. I blew it out so possibly one could have come out without noticing.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

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    The needles were the same length? You didn't put the lever in upside down, did you?

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