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    New member here - 2002 Polaris Virage TXi

    Hey guys. I'm obviously new to the forum as stated in the title. I joined that way I can ask some questions dealing with my waverunners as I am new to owning my own. I just bought a 2002 Polaris Virage TXi. The guy I bought it from had every single receipt and service record on the ski since he was the original owner. It was winterized and stored every year. So that eased my mind on this purchase.

    Now on to some questions about the ski. Im not new to working on all my own stuff so im not a newbie. I am new to small 2 strokes. Although they look very simple. I have been going over this thing with a fine tooth comb and coming up with a parts list and things that need to be addressed.

    1st thing, The routing of some of these sensors and wires is horrible. Clearly zip ties were not the manufactures method lol. Removing the fuel tank would make this sooooo much easier. But I don't think that thing will come out from the storage area. Any insight on this?

    Throttle cable routing- The throttle cable seems to be routed oddly in this setup. Whats the preferred routing for this?

    While on the topic of throttle... I recently adjusted the throttle to achieve WOT and still maintain a smooth idle of 1200 rpm, but what is the throttle linked to that goes down to the side of the motor? Is this the drive or oil injection? If so, what kind of adjustment does that thing require? Any insight on that I would greatly appreciate.
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    First let me point you towards my signature links, from which you will find a lot of useful info. In addition to that area, you can also find information in the Polaris Tech and FAQ forums on here.

    Use the Search tool as often the answers you need have been posted in another thread sometime in the past. That thread could be anywhere in any of the Greenhulk Polaris sections.

    Post up some photos of the areas of concern, such as the cable and wire routing. I also have a 2002 Virage TXi, with some minor modifications. I did reroute some of the cables.

    If this machine was dealer serviced there should be a series of small stickers on the flame arrestor cover. These can be useful to verify certain updates and service bulletins were actually done.

    As 2-stroke engines go, these are not 'small'. Rated at around 135HP from 1165cc, this is known as the Polaris 'domestic' 1200 engine. You have the Ficht fuel injected (Direct Injection) version, which is what the small i in TXi infers.

    The Ficht direct fuel injection system is very different from the typical automotive fuel injection. You can find more details via my signature links, in the Ficht sections.

    These engines use 2-stroke oil which is slowly pumped into the air intakes via an oil pump. That oil pump is located at the front of the engine, mounted on the cover for the flywheel housing. It is driven by the front end of the crankshaft.

    The oil pump is variable rate. As the throttle is squeezed the pump moves more oil flow. This is what the short cable linkage is for, connecting the oil pump arm to the throttle shaft. There is an alignment mark on the oil pump arm and on the pump body. These two marks should be aligned when the throttle is at idle (see below). You will need an inspection mirror and a light to see the marks. I typically set mine just a hair towards the 'more' side of the mark.

    it is critical that the oil injection system be 100% good operating condition. Mainly this means changing the inline oil filter and checking that all the hoses are properly clamped, not worn or abrading, and not brittle.

    The idle on these engines is electronically controlled. It is important that there be a tiny bit of slack in the throttle cable so the engine control EMM receives a proper idle position signal from the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor). When the TPS signal is correct the EMM will control the idle and hold it right at 1150RPM.

    Of course you also want the throttle cable to be snug enough to fully open the throttle blades. The sweet spot is a rather narrow range of adjustment.

    Where are you located? If you update your Profile it makes it a little easier to remember who is where.

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    I definitely appreciate the information you have to offer. I thought I used the search button for the throttle question but couldn't find anything. I would love to hear about more maintenance things to take care of and to look out for. Like I said, I have a mechanical backround but im just not sure of what most of the components are named. I havent searched yet, because im writing this but, where is this oil filter located? Im assuming on the pump. I have to look at that adjustment you were telling me about regarding the oil injection. Ill post up some pics soon. Im currently getting it back together. Thanks for your info. How much does that computer cost to get fixed when it goes?

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