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    Lost power

    I have an 01 GP1200R. My bike has lost takeoff power. And my top speed is only 38 mph. The engine runs fine. It seems like the jet just can't push the water through the ski What could the problem be?

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    I'm assuming you dont have RPM numbers?? check your intake grate and pump tunnel for problems/ obstructions. please give more info on your riding conditions. maybe something in your prop?

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    First things first. Welcome to the forum.
    I would start by doing what Iowangpr said and check for obstructions and prop damage. When you say the engine runs fine, does that mean it revs up like it supposed to but the ski just doesnt go? Or does it Idle ok but bog the engine down on acceleration?

    If the engine is reving faster than the prop is turning I would look at the drive shaft coupler and drive shaft spline first. If its bogging the engine down I would pull the pump,shaft, prop (all comes out together) Then start the engine and see if it bogs then. If not, Then turn the shaft by hand and see if the bearings are shot or hard to turn. If its hard to turn, then your bearings are bad. Take the cone off the back and make sure there is lube that is not milky like water got in there so you dont ruin the new bearings.

    Let us know what you find and we will go from there.

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