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    PTO Removal Tool for Supercharged 215??

    Seems that everyone has the PTO coupler removal tool for the non-supercharged 4tecs. Anyone have a recommended source for a tool to fit the supercharged 4tecs?

    Also, any suggestions for removing w/o the tool? I've tried a chain wrench, but it eventually slips. Pipe wrench and heat seems to be the alternative, but I'm trying not to melt the seal or damage the coupler.

    All input appreciated...

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    What exactly on the pto side are you removing
    people refer to pto as many things it's not.
    Just confirming exact part so I can help ya

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    I was thinking same thing 2 hours ago???????????

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    I believe it's officially called the 'output sleeve', what I was calling the PTO coupler. Because I didn't have a tool, I used the drive shaft and a pipe wrench to turn it while heating the sleeve to help break it loose. Got it off, good... Now, for putting it back on, I need to torque to 184 ft/lbs, and need the tool, but can't find one to fit the supercharged 215.

    Many thanks for all help.

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    I believe it might be the same as another tool....
    Text me
    Remind me to check tomorrow.

    I wanna say say maybe the same as one of the prop spline tools.

    Dont quote me. Il check the part number of mine.

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    130, 155 or 185 impeller tool-- all use the same.

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    From what I can see, the impeller/PTO tool for the 130, 155 or 185 are different than the tool needed for the 215 SC setup. The splines for the 215/SC (2005 RXP) are different sizes between the impeller/pump side and the coupler/sleeve on the motor side of the driveshaft. Surely, someone here has to know where I can find the right tool to fit the 215/SC (2005 RXP).

    Appreciate the help.

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    The coupler splines are all the same size, 215, 185, 155, 130. You will use the 130 prop spline tool. That is what fits the pto coupler splines on all models.

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