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    R12X FI code 25, knock sensor location?

    I took my skis from 4-5 months in storage and tested them out for about 30 minutes in a canal with no chop, rode them hard and they both worked fine. Today i took out one of the r12x's to the open ocean and the minute i got out of the no wake zone and hit over 3k rpm it threw FI code 25 (i was baffled as to why it worked fine the week before). I had bought the knock sensor before i took a break but never replaced it because i couldn't find where it was located on the motor. I want to switch it out now seeing as i already have the replacement and that's the code its throwing. I have the service manual and have looked but i am still a bit lost and can't find it.

    so the big question is, where is the knock sensor located?

    Any help would be really appreciated.

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    Under gray sub air box on intake side of motor

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    Did you find it.......

    Let me know if you need a knock sensor or a ecm. ill help you out

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    I need an ECM but I don't have $1K. Can you help me out? I've been riding with the ECM bug in an 02 turbo all season. Cold in the morning I can get 30-40 minutes before it trips. Almost like clockwork. Must be a cap on the board warming up or something. I've even wired a volt meter in line to confirm I have no knock. Sensor stays 5mv-25mv which is in range. Oh well.

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    Engines always make noise that is not always knock.. the ecm will detect a bad sensor if there is no output. otherwise you could unplug it and continue.
    Try the sensor first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by supermac View Post
    Engines always make noise that is not always knock.. the ecm will detect a bad sensor if there is no output. otherwise you could unplug it and continue.
    Try the sensor first.

    Put a 10k resistor in line. That will usually filter out the unwanted noise. See if that works.

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    Sorry i didn't get back to this post i made. I just replaced it all and put it back together. The knock sensor i pulled out seemed fine to me just rusted on the bolt area(if anyone is interested, i could post pictures of the knock sensor i pulled out.). It's possible there's something wrong with it electronically but as far as i could tell by looking at it, it didn't look damaged. I will probably be testing it tomorrow to see how it performs. I have a second r-12x so i will be looking up how to remove the ecm so i could also try that out if it still fails.

    edit: How do i remove the ecm from the ski? I know where it is and based off the manual it just says to remove the two connectors and pull it out. I'm afraid to break off a cable or something if i just pull on them. is there a proper way to remove the connectors or is there a tab i need to push on?

    I have one more question though, when i first tested the ski in a canal before i took it out to the ocean, i rode it for about 30 minutes and it didn't fail which led me to believe it was riding fine. then the minute i got out of the no-wake zone in the ocean it threw a code. Is there any specific way i could go about testing the ski to make sure i do trip the code if it's failing? i dont want to think it's fine and have it ruin another day for me out in the ocean.
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