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Thread: Mod 1 down...

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    Mod 1 down...

    So I started bolting on my mods today...starting with the Riva intake grate because I thought it would be simple...famous last words. After a few hours and a couple trips to the hardware store, it's on! I had one bolt break off, bolt extractor didn't work, ended up drilling it out and retapping.

    Up next (parts in the garage):
    riva intake
    manifold ribbon delete
    Tommy's free exhaust mod

    hopefully those go easier (I'm dreading the manifold ribbon delete!)

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    How do you like the intake grate? I have an 08 as well still completely stock other than prop.

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    Should of put a lil heat on it. Make sure is tight. You dont want the grate to come off on you. Good luck with the mods

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