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    Water not coming out of water pilot on 2004 waverunner xlt 800

    I purchased an xlt 800 from the US I am in Canada. I will be launching for first time next weekend. I am changing plugs checking all filters etc. I had a compression test done but did not test ride, took a gamble on a 1100km purchase and had it delivered. I have started it on the trailer with the hose attached, water is coming out the back but not out the front water pilot. Would it be different when launched or is there a clog? If clog is there a usual clog spot? Thanks

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    Hello, on trailer & hose water tested ... not much water will come out the front pisser.

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    OYM is correct as the water pressure from the hose is not strong enough to pressurize the system to any degree. When running, the jet pump provides the water pressure. Since the pump is empty on the trailer, the hose flows both into the engine and out of the pump. This is why the pisser will have very little water coming out. The most common clog is from insects building nests in the outlet. A copper wire or paper clip will unclog it. If you are concerned, trace the hose from the outlet to where it comes from on the engine. Unclamp it and blow through it to see if it is clear. Good luck.

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