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    2012 yamaha fx sho lost over 1000 rpms , speed ect any ideas

    I have a 2012 yamaha FX SHO was a IJSBA RACE LIMITED we put it back to stock it is only getting 6870 RPM's hole shot mid top end is a joke already changed ECU with matching injectors SC clutch stock pump and prop turn left RPM's drop down to 6000 RPM's turn right goes up too 7600 RPM's this is driving me totally crazy has me stressed out beyond belief any idea's ?

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    I'd say your sc clutch went. That's a common problem for that year sho. Take the intake hose off and spin the wheel. Should only spin one way. Please disconnect battery before you do so

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    Throttle cable fouling on something ?

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    Leaky IC or tubing

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