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    1 long beep afterthe 2 start beeps

    Hi, i was reading the old posts and was unable to find an option ,also have the seadoo manual on the engine management page

    this 04 GTX SC ,after the 2 beeps a 5 secons ( aprox ) bep occour, engine starts and drive fine , some thing is wrong but i cant solve it, need your help

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    How many hours?
    Is the maintenance light on? It may be the regular maintenance light.
    Get a candoo and reset it. Worth the money and no headaches.

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    Thanks pandan9 15 hours on motor 89 on ecm ( yes ecm swap )

    will keep lookinga as it not rev more than 5500 and 45 mph, will store till the SC rebuild
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    I had the same was the water temperature gauge, does yours have one? ( I don't know about 04 models). I had that beep sound every 15 minutes. I sprayed the connectors and problem was solved..I was searching for a 1 1/2 codes and ski run fine. If it's not your temp gauge try to lube with contact spray all your connectors..even your fuses...this kind of beep usually tells that the ecu is not receiving "feedback" from somewhere. If it was at full throttle and longer beeb it would be overheating but this doesn't' seem to be the case. Just take 15 min. And apply electrical contact spray to all your connectors. At least you wil exclude one issue..
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    My exhaust water temp sensor caused beeping on mine, and so did the water temp/speed sensor when the wire insulation was rubbed through. It would occasionally ground out and beep. Annoying as hell.
    Hope you get it solved.

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