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Thread: IBR question

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    IBR question

    Yesterday after pulling my 2 Sparks out of the water I noticed the IBR bucket was down, on my IBR equipped 3 seater. I started it up and the bucket rotated back up..but as soon as I killed it the bucket went back far as I can remember the bucket was always up when on the the trailer...can anyone confirm this for me...and if I am right suggest a cause for it and what to check to get it to stay back up
    Thanks in advance...

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    For IBS, I'd try oat meal for breakfast every day.

    For IBR issues, I have no suggestions.

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    Lol...good point!!

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    Mine is down

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    I finally got ONE!!! ;) RXT-260-DOO's Avatar
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    Mine too are down while off...

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    Ok thanks guys...I just thought it was up when off...that makes me feel better

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