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    Rpm start at 7700 then to 7200 back and forth to 7520. What's up

    Hi was in the water to day, me and me buddy and I have a 2008 rxp-x 255 and he has a 2011 rxt-x 260 and he could bet me closes but he had the over all power and speed. I was at 63 most then 60 to 62 and back and forth. With 7700 rpm to 7200 back and forth staying at 7520 rpm at the end of the day. I no the water was cold but not that cold to do that. He was at 68 and at 7900 Rpm, do you think theses a problem.. Now the other day I was out, and I was doing 7620 or. 7680 most of the time with 63mph going to 65.5mph. What do you guys think. Should I not be at least the say as him.

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    Sounds like signs of a blown IC...... you definitely have something wrong. Get it figured out instead of continuing to ride it.

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    What is a ic. This is a new toy I'm learning more and more everyday but I need more. Thanks

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    IC= intercooler. The X model you have it's external.

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    I was going to clean that today But I wanted to see what it was like be side a rxt-260 before I touched anything. I checked the oil cold it was all the way full and when engine was hot and it was still at full is this right to. I see some people say it should be at half when hot. And is it easy to take out the intercooler and should it be new going in or cleaned. Thanks again

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