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    Unhappy Can anyone name this tune?

    I have 32hrs on her and I'm guessing my clutch blew but I am not a mechanic so I took a lil video so maybe someone can hear and have an idea if it is indeed the clutch or something else... I was riding just fine and normally my rpm gauge just bangs right over and gets pinned but after about 10 minutes of riding it just kinda died down to about 6000 rpms and wouldn't go over that. But the at the bottom from a dead stop and a slight rev it still feels like a good pull for some reason so whats this possibly mean for me?

    Thanks anyone


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    I recently had the exact same issue & it was a quick fix. Did you pull the air filter boot to see if the sc clutch spins both ways? That would be indicative of a blown clutch. Just check your IC boots for either loose clamps, or being blown off. My lower boot was blown completely off, and you can see it in 2 sec. But I was to bummed to check for the obvious, just thinking it was the clutch.

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    What year is the ski? Did you check the clutch for movement or abnormal rotation?

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    I didn't check it cause everything I take apart never goes back together lol. It's a 2012 early model so I got the not upgraded clutch.

    I didn't notice any loose hoses though. But could have missed something.

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    Just fyi that reving doesnt help your clutch any.

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    The clutch is in front of the motor.
    where te sc is.
    not on the rear.
    When you stop your motor you hear like something spinning for about 5 second.
    it' clutch and sc weel.
    Do you hear this spinning sound ?

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    is your starter hot

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    I don't normally rev it was just trying to hear something different to determine what could be wrong. Too early to start it but I will in a bit and try to listen for this spin up front.

    why would the starter be hot?

    If it is my clutch that went what is everyone doing, new same part or is there an upgraded something?
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    Popped it off and the wheel spins both ways. Clutch as I expected. Thanks guys.

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    Do a 2013+ clutch assy idler and clutch assy

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