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    2012 RXT iS 260 - is the "X package" worth buying? Is it hard to install?


    He has a 2012 RXT iS 260. He wants to know the engine operating temperature. He is thinking of buying the "X PACKAGE" module from Sea Doo ..... Is this worth the $$$$

    Is there much to installing? It looks like it just plugs in somewhere on the harness

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    Vtech datalogger shows engine temps and much more

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    Not worth buying IMO

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    I had the X-module installed when I bought my RXT 260 2012... Some add on to the cluster... But... I would prefer a Rxt-x but didn't like the colors... So... No fancy steering system

    You will need to add a wire in the fuse box but it's really easy... I would save my money for something else...

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