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    Hit 60mph on my Vtech tuned 60hp Spark? GPS Picture inside

    Well like the title says, went to the lake today and decided to have my GPS speedometer measure my speed, on my boat it always tops at 46-47, today on my Spark it said 60mph??? What look:

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    What's done to it?

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    Just the Vtech tune and used 92 octane? That's it..

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    Wow pretty impressive is the gps accurate? I'm only doing 52.5 with a bunch of stuff on it missing the tune

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    What? YOU NEED THE TUNE... It's night and day my friend, my spark will kick me off if I don't hold on tight... By the way I BEAT EVERYONE on the lake today, 2 new yamaha vx's, 3 seadoo gtx's (97 9..

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    NICE! Vtech tune arrives tomorrow, and everything else sometime after that! If I break 60 I will be happy long as I get there really fast!

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    Sounds too good to be true. Hmm, i'm skeptic.

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    Sorry , try another speed app ...

    I always run 3 passes as I have seen gps speed spikes ...

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    Make sure your Perfectly straight- Rounding a corner at full speed will shorten the distance and Improve the GPS Speed reading.
    If in a river go Up and THEN down river and average the 2 speeds.

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    I was shocked too, maybe it's the app, and if it's the app, then my boat is really slow.

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