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    The cutoff RPM at the start RXP RS 2012

    I go with In V tech VT11 8900 Jesus Just tried Vt11 8500agr the problem remains
    Good afternoon. There is such a problem . In the video shows the behavior of the boat ,when clicking on a 100 % rise in turnover and a sharp break up blank when I hold your finger on the trigger . Let go and once again pressing and then rise again turns . Pressing either always work again by clicking can re-raise momentum. No errors, no ! Thought knock sensor cuts off ,but I get disconnected sensor and also cuts off steam !! And the files throttle can show to 8000 readings 43 percent. Anyone else had that problem ?

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    These are the words of Jonatan
    "Ok but this ski have low power. No boost . Only 0.75 bar
    Check for leaks"
    but can there be a cut-off Rpm because of this??? I cannot think ,and what you friends say ?

    Stoke supercharger which index should be 8100 ???



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    Anyone ?


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    I asked Jesus at MRG to look at thiS

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    Hi Egor,

    Please send me a PM explaining me the exactly problem and also iŽll need logged file to check.

    Best regards


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    Quote Originally Posted by JESUSSEADOO View Post
    Hi Egor,

    Please send me a PM explaining me the exactly problem and also iŽll need logged file to check.

    Best regards

    Hellow . I sent you PM.


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    Good day !
    Wonderful support ! Stoсk supercharger , twin SKAT Trak and unfortunately I can't list their own fashion , but it is very bright !!! Wild acceleration and zero cavitation !!! Thank you V tech.
    I know You wildly busy and believe in You!

    Jesus ! a special thank you! This man is great in his head ! Thank you!

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    So....what was your problem???

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    Quote Originally Posted by jp1300r View Post
    So....what was your problem???
    fuel pump bad !I replaced


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